Ultrasonic Cavitation Procedure

Posted by Gelena Rookee on Saturday, March 3, 2012

For the procedure turn cavitation apparatus and by working maniples processes the fat zone. Its area is 25 square centimeters. For the duration of the procedure of ultrasonic cavitation should not exceed 60 minutes. Sessions are allowed to spend no more than once in ten days. The full course consists of 3-4 sessions. If you need a specialist beautician can in six months to appoint a second supporting course consisting of one to three treatments.

The procedure is carried out in conjunction with cavitation, lymph drainage and pressure therapy treatments that can accelerate the process of withdrawal of broken fat cells through the lymphatic system and drainage.Cavitation is the only direct way of therapeutic effects on fat cells, can rightly be called non-surgical liposuction and abdominoplasty. After years of stagnation in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in health informatics researches has finally appeared safe and effective means of solving the problems of excess weight and cellulite.

Prior to that, this effect can be achieved only with the help of plastic surgery, where instead of cavitation and pressure therapy applied abdominoplasty.

The duration of treatment of ultrasonic cavitation, in conjunction with lymphatic drainage and pressure therapy is equal to 60-90 minutes. Produced by the effect becomes noticeable after the first session, and the subsequent conduct only intensified. The volume of the extracted fat from the body in one session of cavitation is approximately equal to 15 cubic centimeters. In volume, this corresponds to a loss of 3 to 5 inches in the waist at one time.

The accumulation of fat after the withdrawal of fission products in the place of treatment is very difficult. After the procedure, the client loses the weight and volume. It should be noted that fat tissue has a low density, but has a large amount, so the patient feels the first decrease in volume. After completion of the procedures recommended maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and water treatments.

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