Through the electronic versions of medical journals and popular sites “of interest”, various discussions and forums, doctors and patients are almost unlimited access to medical information and to exchange views. However, it is not clear whether an ordinary patient is able to use information obtained on the Internet with health benefits. Medical information on the Internet may be the most modern, because it is possible to update the site at least daily. However, the dissemination of such information and its sources are not controlled (site can be created by any individual or organization), and interpretation of information received depends on many factors and can be very arbitrary. 

Kibermedicine – a new area of ​​knowledge that occurred at the intersection of medical system management and health care. It examines the use of the Internet and global networking technologies in medicine and health, as well as opportunities of the Internet in solving human health. Kibermeditsina enables global sharing of health information is not always a clinical nature, between patient and doctor, between doctors and between patients.
Like the two-faced god Janus, the internet can help train physicians and patient education, promote evidence-based medicine, but also to create chaos and information overload and facilitate the spread of false medical information.

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