Emergency units are user-friendly interface. To call a duty to make a single call button (pressing or holding the button does not affect the operation of the device). During connection establishment unit plays signals, similar to an ordinary telephone signals. A conversation with the duty is performed in full-duplex speakerphone mode. Adjust the speaker volume and microphone sensitivity is performed automatically during operation. Terminating only at the initiative of duty. Maybe a hidden listening device near the situation an emergency.

The system of emergency "Citizen Militia" allows you to organize the most rapid treatment of citizens in the internal affairs bodies, monitoring centers, and as a consequence, increase the percentage of crimes solved by 'hot pursuit', to raise the overall level of safety of citizens through the creation of "islands of security."

Its achievement is impossible without an effective system of control over the operational situation and without the empowerment of citizens operative communication with law enforcement. Today is such a system "Safe city" that turns into a new form of organization of public order, more efficient than the former. One of the major components of the "Safe City" is a steady-state hotline "citizen-police."

 Among the priorities identified components of the security protection of the individual, society and the state from criminal attacks. The system includes complex emergency communication devices and equipment monitoring center (it can be specialized servers, gateways, routers, PBX, etc.). Depending on the type of data can be used optional intermediate level.

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