Like any Fireplaces-monoblocks, stove need to pick up on the power, which should correspond to the volume of heated space (this may be one or several rooms). One kilowatt of energy sufficient to heat about 10 m2, of course, provided that the house is properly insulated.
Since the conventional division into classes and groups for stoves, fireplaces not in the future, we will use our own code names.

These devices can be attributed both to the stoves and the Bond firepits, which is why from time immemorial, they have identified a special group - stoves. With the first they are united, above all, that furnace provided with a door, though large, glass-like window rather than the usual cast-iron sash. But the burning logs are always on the mind that creates the illusion of a fireplace. According to its internal mechanics monoblock design is closer to the fire than to the furnaces.

They hardly any twists in the way of the combustion products (except for "fireplace tooth" - a ledge at the top of the rear wall of the furnace, which encircle the hot gases before they enter the tube).
In the same metal stove in the way of the combustion products are one or two bending, and making his way to this "maze", the hot gases give off heat much more successful. The fact that it's a fireplace, said, and lower than the furnace efficiency - 50-75%. (For reference, the usual efficiency of the stone fireplace with open fires - about 17%, but with metal stoves, this figure could reach up to 90%.)

But in both modes stoves work only with the door closed. The main method of heating - convection.

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